Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Al Khamsa, the Five Horses of Legend

The Bedouins tell tales of the noble equines, Al Khamsa, five magnificent mares that were a gift from Allah to  the Prophet Muhammed.  My heart has a special place for this beloved breed of horse, commonly known as the Arabian.  Their distinctive dish-shaped faces, spirit, and large, intelligent eyes make them a favorite of horse fanciers the world over.  My passion for them began when I was a young girl, and I will always love the "Drinkers of the Wind", as the Bedouin people affectionately and reverently call them.  As you can see from this set, I have a fondness for the Kehilan strain with its characteristic facial features.

My friends, I hope my Arabian horses might find as dear a place in your hearts as they have mine.  This PNG set includes dapple grays, palominos and one black Arabian.  Strictly speaking, there are no purebred palomino Arabians, however; horses with beautiful Arabian characteristics do occur with careful selective breeding for conformation and color. 

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